Thursday, June 14, 2007

I'm not dead yet

Blarg. I have been totally overwhelmed with work and the house recently. Too bad we don't live in the sort of house that tends to have house-elves. I have been still working on stuff in odd moments though.

This past weekend I finished up that baby hat I had been working on.

FO: Baby/Child Ribbed Hat
Yarn: Cascade Yarns Cloud 9
Fiber: 50% merino 50% angora
Needles: US size 7/4.5 mm DPNs
Pattern: my own basic ribbed hat with a 64 st cast-on

Oh the wonder that is ribbing. Pre-washed it was small enough for an infant (though a little on the big side) but large enough when stretched for a child. Post-bloom (and Lucy you are right, the bloom of this stuff is amazing!) we definitely grew a bit.

Ha, serves me right for not swatching I guess. I am now thinking it is more like a 6-9 month size on the low end, and I can now wear it, though it is snug, fully stretched. In my defense I do have a small head. Oh well! Better a little big than a little small.

Patterns:Puffs and Posts (left) and Bullion Beauty (right)
Hook: H hook for both
Modifications: hdc instead of sc on both

I have been plugging away at the crocheted squares. I finished these 2 before the new lesson went up, but I am still working on the Puff_X pattern (warning this is another geocity page). Fortunately there are only 2 optional patterns for this week, since I have been doing 2 of each square and still need to do the seconds for all three patterns mentioned here.

I also worked a bunch on my Hogwarts Sock Swap socks. Feeling guilty for what a simple pattern I chose, though I do like the simple look, I opted to be generous in the leg ribbing. At first I was feeling a bit numbed by all the 2X2 ribbing, but then I reached that happy place that I didn't notice it passing while I would do other things. (I have the same thing happen when I read, when I am really into a book I have no recollection of turning any pages.) A few more rows and I will be done with the leg and then I can go back to the heel to finish these babies off.

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Blogger Jessica Chapman said...

I know how you feel and I too wish I had a house elf, or maybe a SET even... although my house isn't big I just can't seem to keep it clean. When faced with the issue to knit or to vacuum, I somehow enjoy sitting on my rear-end wayyy much more... LOL :) I love the baby hat and the socks, too. (are you doing two socks on the same circular needles? Tell me more.)

15/6/07 9:39 PM  

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