Thursday, June 07, 2007

A Good Day to Ply

Summer weather has been here, which makes it a great time to hang out newly plied yarn out to dry after it's bath. We just found out from our landlord that they will be replacing our little deck at the end of June, so I have to get in my use of it before it becomes a construction area. (But yay for a new deck!)
112 g/92 m merino/tussah silk from Mind's Eye Yarns

First up, I needed to finish spinning and plying this beautiful merino/tussah silk roving that I had bought from Mind's Eye Yarns. I had originally started this for Project Spectrum when blue, white and grey were still the colors. It sat unloved on my spinning wheel for too long as we dealt with replacing the brake knob.

This yarn is absolutely delicious, and I am contemplating keeping it for myself. I have no idea what I would knit with it but is is so shiny and soft. I may have to pick up more during the Mind's Eye Yarns anniversary sale.

37 g/ 34 m merino wool

I also had a little roving left from the purple merino I dyed, spun and made into a hat and mitten set, so I played around with getting a finer yarn. It plied up at a fingering weight, but after soaking it bloomed to more of a dk weight yarn. This little skein was so small and cute. What could it possibly become? I welcome suggestions.
70 g/ 64 m correidale yarn from Three Elms Farm

I also spun the bleeding heart roving that I had dyed a while back. While I was at the wheel working with the previous skeins, it suddenly occurred to me that this would make the perfect gift for someone if I could just get it spun up and labeled in time. Hopefully they will like it.

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