Thursday, March 26, 2009

Geode Shawl

Many moons ago when I finished my Masters, I stopped by Mind's Eye Yarns to pick up a small treat for myself. At the time, Lucy had just gotten in a shipment of Jojoland Harmony, and I was absolutely smitten. I had never worked in cobweb weight yarn before, but the long color transitions were so beautiful that I decided that this would be my reward. I didn't even ask about price, knowing Lucy's prices are always fair. So I was shocked to find that it was only a few dollars... for 880 yards!

When I started it at the beginning of March, my main concern was about whether or not the long color transitions would be long enough when working in crochet (which eats more yarn than knitting) by the time I got to the bottom of the shawl. But in the end it was no problem. This shawl took exactly one ball, and it looks good all the way to the bottom edge.

Pattern: Eva's Shawl (pdf) by milobo
Yarn: Jojoland Harmony in C07
Hook: 2.75 mm (C)

Ultimately I found the fine weight not to be as big of a problem as I worried it would be. The only concern was that process of crocheting provides a bit more friction on the yarn than the process of knitting does, so I had to be fairly gentle with the yarn as I worked.

Looking at this pattern on Ravelry, I saw several comments about people who opted out of the final edging, but in looking through the pictures I couldn't find a good picture of what it looked like. Going with the advice that it took more yarn than expected, I set out to give it a shot, and I think the ultimate success on this edging has everything to do with how you block it. I did mine with an extra piece of yarn. After blocking it retains that open, delicate look that is the perfect touch to edge this shawl.

The concentric layers of color of this shawl are so perfect for the simplicity of this pattern. Between the two it reminds me of those geode slices you sometimes see for sale as sun catchers. (Did you know those are often dyed? I learn so much writing for this blog.) Chalk this one up as another "earth" inspired project.

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Blogger pigbook1 said...

I used jojoland yarn for my most recent shawl. I love it, nice and squishy. So now that the masters is over whatcha doing?

26/3/09 8:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's beautiful! Harmony is such a lovely, delicate yarn. I love the way it looks crocheted, too!

26/3/09 11:59 PM  

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