Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mer-tinis under the Lake?

Round 1 socks complete! It is Sock Madness time again, and none too soon. I have been needing to crank out some more socks recently.

Yarns: Mind's Eye Yarns Tencel/Merino sock yarn
& Lang Jawoll Superwash Solid
Needles: US 1
Pattern: Tropical Mer-tini (Sock Madness '09 Round 1)

I am not normally a huge fan of knit-purl patterns, but this one is interesting in that it is based on a quilting pattern called the Drunkard's Path:

But these socks have another point of interest. Although the heels look like a basic eye of the partridge heel flap heel, they are actually a type of replaceable heel. (Although the pattern calls it an afterthought heel, it actually has more in common with a forethought heel.)

Neat! Now to work on something other than socks for a few days. (BTW if you get the title of this post, you totally get a cookie.)

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