Monday, July 13, 2009

Clown Barf

Normally I don't spin much in the summer, but this one has been so cool and wet that I have made an exception. Plus I am trying to convince myself that hand-spun takes up less space than roving, so this is practically making my house-packing easier, right?

A few months ago I had picked up this amazing 100% merino pencil-roving by Zitron, part of their Artfelt line, at Mind's Eye Yarns. Seriously people, this stuff is super fun to spin. And like Zitron's infamous Trekking XXL, you get the most lovely long color transitions.

Since I wanting to maximize my yardage and not dilute the brights through plying with a non-matching strand, I opted to ply with thread instead. This was a new technique for me, though it is just as easy to do as it sounds.

The silver metallic thread that my single was plied with is a metallic decorative sewing thread made by Coats and Clark. I had picked up a few spools from local quilting store, who had them on clearance. Apparently they are changing the put up, but also possibly the formulation. I hope they don't change it too much though, as it has good flexibility and a nice feel to it compared to many metallics.

The title of the post is mostly tongue in cheek, because I do love the end result. But when I saw how bright the end result was going to be, I knew it needed the metallics to push it over the top. I have no idea what I could reasonably make with this that would actuallly get used, but for now I am happy just to pet and admire it.



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