Thursday, July 02, 2009

Imperial Cog Take 1

So I have found a disturbing vaccuum in the (english-speaking at least) internets. I was looking for something inspiring to make this month, and a girlfriend suggested Imperial cog potholders. Now, she is absolutely biased, being involved with the 501st, but while I was looking around for ways to possibly make that happen, I was really disappointed by the knitting charts I have seen out there.

The outer circle and inner cog look ok, but the middle level was not entirely pleasing to me. And I though that a center-out crochet pattern might be a really good technique for the layout of this design. If you are not familiar with what the Imperial cog can be seen here. So here is the first free-form attempt:

I am not entirely pleased with it, though it does come across better than the flash in the above photo would have you believe. I need to play with the spacing of the increases in order to better center the lines, though the proportions are not completely awful. Hmm, back to the design board.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

a nice first result.
good luck with it's evolution!

2/7/09 9:16 PM  

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