Monday, December 16, 2013

Chistmas Bulb Wreath Tutorial

On Friday, Chiquita made a fabulous wreath with the expert guidance of Jasra. It was super simple to do, but came out fabulous. So I figured we could share as a last-minute decorating idea.

First step: bend a wire coat-hanger and untwist the top hook so that you can slide Christmas bulbs on it.

Then add Christmas bulbs on until it is pretty densly full. Then retwist the hook. (Ideally use pliers to get it nice and tight.)

Afterwards you can fine-tune with smaller bulbs glued in to hide bare patches and/or a bow on top. A glue-gun will be needed for the late-addition bulbs, but the bow can be slid over the hook.

Last step: hang it up and enjoy!


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