Monday, August 11, 2014

King of the Beach

Last week I went on a mini-adventure to Pleasure Bay and Castle Island, just a short distance by bus from downtown Boston. I grew up by the ocean, so this really felt like a find, because it was so close and accessible by public transport.

I sat by the water with my feet on the damp sand, letting the tide come in around me as I sketched. There were several after school programs that I had brought their classes in addition to numerous families and individuals.

I did some sketching on index cards. Nothing fancy, but it was good to take the time to slow down. Visiting the ocean is good for that in general as well.

cardstock and sharpie pen

There was one teacher in particular who struck me as king of the beach, leader of all he surveyed. Most of the other teachers were sitting higher up, at the edge of the beach in the shade, but this one was right among his charges by the water. Originally I was just going to draw the landscape without people, but after I was added him, several of the kids soon happened as well.

One of the groups of kids were very interested in what I was doing. Their teachers were nervous that they were harassing me, but they were really fun to interact with. Next thing I knew, I had an impromptu art class sitting around me to whom I handed out index cards and pens/pencils.

I really like the idea of these small pieces of art, because they are achievable and portable. I don't really want to have them hanging around the house though, so I would prefer to give them away. This card is already gifted, but if you would be interested in a future random small piece of art as a postcard, go fill out my postcard form. There are no promises about future topics, media, or frequency, but this is a great opportunity to get fun mail!

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