Thursday, August 28, 2014

Now For Something Different

One of our big crafty efforts around Casa de Omly is a bit different than usual. Our outdoor furniture was looking pretty shabby after only one year outside, so we decided to sand down the splintered and peeling surface and then reseal and stain.

In this action shot, you can see how unevenly weathered the top looked. Also, Salvbard is totally rocking the eye protection.

In addition to the benches, we also have a table that soon looked very naked.

Even the first coat of stain brought it about back to its like-new color.

After two, the results were fairly dramatic.

We aren't quite done, as everything needs to be flipped over and the bottom resealed as well.

Overall though, I am very excited about this project. We will have to take advantage of the last of the warm evenings to be out and enjoying them. Got any good food or drink suggestions for a warm autumn evening?


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