Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Glass Jewlery

I am going to be spending the next few weeks mixing in some catch up posts among the more recent things I have been working on. One of the crafty adventures that my household went on a while back was making glass jewelry at Luke Adams Glass Blowing Studio. Salvbard and I had actually done one of their glass blowing classes previously, and Majes and Lisaster were up for joining us at this one.

There may have been some loving making-fun of me for how fussy I was about color.

But there were lots of really beautiful pieces to dig through.

And clearly this process could only be made better with wine. As Salvbard would say, "What could possibly go wrong?" Seriously though, the staff were fantastic and happy to give you as little or as much assistance as you would like.

We did the glass selection, cutting, and (light) glueing down of pieces. Then the staff would later take them to be fired all at once.

I love the final result, and I have been rotating it into my wardrobe since we got them back. I would really recommend that studio both for the finished product as well as the experience. It was lots of fun!



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