Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Toffee Socks

Somehow I managed to put myself in a position where everytime I went to go start a project my mind went "hey you haven't given Salvbard a pair of socks in a while." Thanks brain, but it turns out that is just because I wasn't finishing any. I just kept absentmindedly starting new pairs instead. The good news is that he will get several pair at once as a result. The first pair are the Toffee socks I had mentioned last month.

Needles: US 1 / 2.25 mm
Pattern: cuff down, heel flap, wedge toe
Yarn: Lion Brand Sock-Ease Prints in the color Toffee
Yarn Supplier: Michael's

These were very straightforward. I knit then 2-at-a-time cuff down via magic loop, with a 2 by 2 rib, heel flap heel and wedge toe. And while I didn't find this yarn particularly exciting, Salvbard does, which is all that matters.

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