Sunday, July 22, 2007

Basketweave Crochet

I am slowly working away at these squares. I am a little behind since I left my crochet stuff at my mother's house for a 2 weeks, but I am still trudging along. Hopefully I will be caught up soon.

Pattern: Basket Weave Dishcloth from Lesson 5
Yarn: Lions Brand Pound of Love in color 110 Denim
Hook: G/4.5 MM Soft Grip
Modifications: chained 27 rather than 37 initially to get the correct size square

Recently I laid out all of the squares that I had done, and it is looking like I will need to use all of duplicate squares that I have been doing in order to get a reasonable size.



Blogger Jessica Chapman said...

Doing great! :) I had been wondering what happened to your crochet. :)

25/7/07 1:29 PM  
Blogger Mrs. Pivec said...

These are really cool, Omly. I would have thought they were knit if I hadn't seen your post.

Also, I love your little birdie... way, way down in the postings. Especially him sitting next to the tennis ball! Too cute!

So, you are a Potter fan. I am going to be making those simple house scarves for my nephews for X-mas and am looking where to buy the yarns. I've seen the colors in Plymouth Encore at, but they don't have all the colors in stock. I may call them, but can you think of another source? These boys are 12 yo and definitely need something washable, which is why I was going to go with Encore. Any suggestions would be great! I'll check back here for an answer or you can post on my blog. Thanks so much! :)

25/7/07 2:13 PM  

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