Sunday, November 04, 2007

Oct ATC and Rowena

I did two cards for October's CMP ATC Swap theme of "Tell me a story." My first I idea for this prompt was something along the lines of face lit from below by a flashlight, a la campfire-story-style. I wasn't super pleased by the way it turned out though. So I made another one, more simple and maybe less fun, which is the one I actually sent.

Also, now that "Avada Finchfletchley" has received her HSS2 package I can talk about a little surprise I made for her package. Inspired the by Chocolate Frog cards, I made an ATC with Rowena Ravenclaw.

watercolor crayon and micron pen on cardstock

The quote along the side is the Ravenclaw motto: "Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure." Given my enthusiasm for all things Harry Potter/Hogwarts, Robbyn of Yarnpath had encouraged me a while ago to try my hand at HP fan-art, though I had never done it before.

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Anonymous Robbyn said...

What a splendid card, Omly :) I can imagine any Potter fan would be tickled pink to reveive such a neat portrait!

5/11/07 10:18 AM  

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