Friday, November 02, 2007

Art Friday

Fridays are really fun at Chiquita's school, because they are our special art day. No not actually in school, it is both an after school program and the posting of a new Illustration Friday.

The after school program is really neat because it is run solely by parents who are passionate about art. Each week there is a new project, which is done out on the playground if the weather permits. Today was an experiment in monoprinting. Now I have absolutely no experience in monoprinting, although Amy of the Creative Mom Podcast speaks of the fondly, so it was really fun to watch. Afterwards we hung up the prints to dry on a clothes line while Chiquita ran around the playground after her friends.

I also mentioned the Illustration Friday prompt. We don't do the prompt every week, but I do pretty much always go see what it is. This week's prompt is "hats", so I pulled out my model head and one of my favorite hats.

I bought this hat years ago at a L.L. Bean outlet store. It is my absolutely favorite if I will be out in the sun, such as when we are out hiking, canoing or just waiting for the bus in the summer. It has at least a 2.5" brim all the way around and a tie to keep it from blowing away. The fabric is slightly water resistant, but lets your head breathe.

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