Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Received HSS2 Package

As I mentioned yesterday I received a wonderful package in the mail from my HSS2 pal Angela Marie of Girl with a Twist (previously of Enchanted Daffodils).

Sorry that once again photo conditions were not optimal. It is raining very heavily today. We even lost power for several hours this morning. She put a lot of thought into this package though, so I wanted to make sure that I publicly thanked her.

She included all three of the Socktopia Harry Potter themed patterns, beautifully printed in color and placed in 3-ring binder slip covers. I don't know if I mentioned it previously, but I do keep my hard copy patterns exactly this way in a binder. So this extra step was really appreciated.

The bookmark is knit on what I can only image were toothpick fine needles. It will be perfect for all the paperbacks that I read. And the colors of the little "book scarf" are absolutely perfect.

As for yarn she not only included a skein of Lisa Souza's beautiful sock yarn in Emerald City, she also threw in the leftovers from the socks and another full skein of the Knit Picks Essential Solid. I have never used either of these yarns, so I am super excited. And I have enough of the green and grey/silver that I think I could knit a whole other pair of socks if I like.

As if all that was not enough, there were a ton of extras. There's a mini sock blocker, which I have seen on other people's blogs but never in person. Too cute! Also included was a tin decorating kit, that I will probably do with Chiquita since there are two tins. Inside was also a golden snitch, which she may have seen on my Ravelry queue. And then to top it all off there were some spooky Halloween pencils and bunch of candy. (I love tootsie rolls and usually convince Chiquita to share hers with me from her trick-or-treating stash since she doesn't like them, but this year she got none!)

Thank you so much Avada Finchfletchley!

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