Saturday, February 16, 2008

On Reptiles and Socks

Today Salvbard, Chiquita and I went to the Museum of Science. Usually I avoid it during February vacation, but today was the Members showing of Lizards and Snakes: Alive!. If such things bother you please do not scroll past the photos of my socks in progress. If you like such things, definitely go see this exhibit (which is free with exhibit hall ticket andopens tomorrow). It was great, and I wish we had had more time to really get as much as we could out of it. We will probably go back and do so at our leisure. (Not this week though!)

Meanwhile I have been doing some knitting, although you wouldn't know it from my blog. Sorry for the radio silence. Things are really heating up in my research, so I will probably be posting less. In any case, it turns out that both of my socks in progress are inspired by the Harry Potter series, which only occurred to me today. How funny! The red and gold stripe ones are obviously for a Gryffindor, and the dark ones that are hard to see are my Bellatrix socks that I am making in honor of MommaMonkey.

I am going to avoid posting all of my reptile photos, though there are a few more in my flickr album. There were 2 that were too good from a Harry Potter perspective, though, not to mention in this post.

This bright green beauty was a basilisk.

And does this snake ring any bells? Chiquita saw this Burmese python, and cried out, "Look, it is the same as the snake that Harry freed in Sorcerer's Stone!" See I knew that she was mine.

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Blogger Julie said...

We used to live within walking distance of the MOS and visited regularly. Now it's such a trek that we don't often go but I really do miss it. Nice snakes!

17/2/08 5:32 AM  
Blogger Bev Love said...

I love snakes and lizards. Wouldn't it be wonderful if yarns could be dyed to pool in the amazing colorways of snakes? I used to visit the Joseph P. Randall Museum in SF a lot, I did not enjoy feeding time too much because white mice are pretty cute too. But I loved handling the Boa Constrictors. Around my Granny's place there were mostly Rattlers, Cotton Mouth and Water Mocassins - which can only be admired from a distance!

17/2/08 2:44 PM  
Blogger Moose said...

Beautiful pictures - I absolutely adore snakes :) There's a great reptile house at the San Diego Zoo which I try to get too whenever possible - they have the most beautiful albino pythons.

18/2/08 5:08 AM  

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