Wednesday, August 19, 2009


So last summer I was spinning some of this beautiful merino/tussah silk blend. In fact I even blogged when I finished the first skein. After finishing one ply and then plying it on itself, I had that lonely skein that had to wait a full year for me to get around to finishing the rest of it.

In that time I have done a lot of spinning, particularly early this summer. Right after my spinning wheel's accident, subsequent surgery, and then repair it took a while for me to get the feel of how the tension worked. It was a lot touchier, which meant it was hard to get just the right tension on the flyer.

So here are side by side, the two skeins I ended up with from this roving. (You can click on the picture to make it larger.) The one on the right with the green ties, is the one I finished this summer, while the one on the left that you can't see the ties is the one I finished last summer. The newer yarn is a lot more even, but also softer spun. I know that my roommate really likes the first one, which has a lot more twist to it.

While I tend to think of myself as a product knitter/crocheter, I am a process spinner. I am far more interested in actually doing the spinning than what specifically what I end up with when I am done. (In fact I have knit with very little of my handspun. Maybe that should be a goal for this coming year.) So the change was interesting, but I wonder if could make the first kind again anymore... Any advice from other spinners out there?



Blogger Carolyn said...

Hi. We are back. About your question...what I would do is let the twist build up a beat or two longer before you let the yarn feed onto the bobbin. I have to do that when I do long draw or the singles do not have enough twist.

21/8/09 8:33 AM  

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