Sunday, June 26, 2011


Project Spectrum does a great job of getting me to look at my yarn stash with fresh eyes. This was a skein from Mind's Eye Yarn's sock club way back in Aug '08. At the time, Lucy said it was inspired by Black Eyed Susans and Daisies.

Yarn: Mind's Eye Yarns Merino/Tencel
Yarn Supplier: Mind's Eye Yarns
Needles: US 1 - 2.25 mm
Pattern: 72sts, 9” cuff, 2X2 rib for leg and down instep, heel-stitch heel flap

I got a special request for "toe-less socks to keep my ankles warm" from one of my best friend's mom. After a few more inquiries I figured out what basically looking for. They should have about an 8" cuff (these have 9" un-stretched but should be about 8" when worn), and should stop mid-foot. I ribbed them down the foot to allow for variations in ankle shape and foot width. She lives several hours away so I couldn't just stop by to take a look for myself. I hope they fit!

I wasn't thrilled with how these pooled across 72 stitches, as it is a bit busy for someone not used to hand knit socks from hand dyed yarn. So the next step is sadly to over-dye them slightly. So they will still keep the variation from this colorway, but the differences will be toned down some. To the dye-bath!

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