Thursday, June 23, 2011

Are those socks?

For just over a year I have had the pleasure of having one of my oldest friends live with us. He has many endearing qualities, but the man has freakishly large feet. And I just started a pair of socks for him. These are his second pair actually Hmm I don't seem to have blogged the first pair. I should fix that later. Anyways, clearly I love him lots.

The pocket knife in this picture, included for scale, is 4" / 10cm long when folded. Yup, these are big socks.

I was recently asked what I was making, and I replied that I was knitting another pair of men's size 15 socks for my housemate. "Oh," came the reply "I wasn't sure if you were knitting hats two at a time." I admit that cracked me up. They really do have approximately the circumference of a baby's head.

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