Tuesday, June 21, 2011

bag + stitch def

We have had 1 week of our CSA farm share now, and whenever we go to pick up our share with our giant cache of reusable bags I find myself wishing more of them were the string mesh kind so as to not let the leafy greens sit wet. But hey I could totally make that right?

Pattern: Willow Bag
Pattern Source: Crochet So Fine: Exquisite Designs with Fine Yarns by Kristin Omdahl
Yarn: Valley Yarns Valley Cotton 10/2
Supplier: WEBS
Hook: 3.0 mm

I have to say that I love a bunch of patterns in this book, but this pattern is the one that cinched the deal for me buying it. Plus this was a great chance to use a bunch more of the coned lace weight cotton in my stash.

There does not seem to be a good way to photograph a whole crocheted mesh bag, especially when it is empty, but I was particularly taken by the stitch pattern used in the body of the bag.

Modifications: I used a lighter weight yarn than recommended and ended up with a slightly smaller bag, which I think is better sized for groceries anyways. Having started it both in this yarn and the recommended dk weight, I can say that it seems to just be the pattern that makes the center medallion seem slightly ruffly. It all works out once the bag comes together though.

I used a different color yarn for the top band and handles. Those were actually done in a really interesting variation of Tunisian crochet (although it was called something else). And I added an extra row of single crochet around the outside of the bag and the inside of the handle loops, which lessened the curl a bit. The stream-pressing recommended by the pattern is still necessary though.

Final consensus: pretty design, easy pattern to memorize, and fun to crochet. Plus now I have a great bag for farm share pick up, the grocery store, or even for my beach things.



Blogger Jasra/Lisa said...

What pretty colors and a neat pattern too. I like the bag a lot.

22/6/11 1:25 PM  

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