Sunday, December 11, 2011

Decorating for the Holidays

Today's crafting adventure was part of helping friends decorate their house for the holidays. First we unpacked the and then decorated the tree.

There is something wonderful about the whole process of decorating a tree. The house was full of laughter and activity. And there is something lovely about the uniqueness of each tree, filled with ornaments that are like a unique fingerprint to the household it is in.

After that lights and garland were hung, before we we broke out the crafting supplies. These glass bulbs have been in my craft stash for at least 3 years awaiting the perfect opportunity.

The process for making these is super easy, although it can require patience if you want an even layer of glitter on the inside.

Watered down white craft glue is swirled around the inside, and then you pour in glitter. Repeat as often as you feel like. Once you put the top back on the bulb, all the glitter stays inside making them relatively mess free to hang (if not to make).

We also used stained glass paint to decorate other glass bulbs, although unfortunately I did not get any pictures of them. I will have to think of it the next time I am there, because it was a really interesting process I had not tried before. Neat!


Blogger Jasra/Lisa said...

It's definitely more fun to set up the tree and whatnot with more help. :)

12/12/11 12:45 PM  

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