Monday, August 29, 2011

Green for Irene

I love New Englanders. Saturday we did a few common sense things to make sure our yard stuff didn't wander away in the wind from Tropical Storm Irene, and then I went off to get a massage and mani pedi.

Seriously, this ended up being one of my favorite methods of storm preparation. And look my nails are green to match my latest project.

My friend Ms. Rubbyducky and I made duct tape dress forms mostly using these instructions. Then we used iv stands for dress stands, as they are inexpensive, adjustable in height (though next time I would use loctite on the threads of the adjustment mechanism) and provide an easy rolling base.

So without further a do, blog, I would like you to meet Pansy. Pansy, this is the blog. Hopefully you will be seeing more of each other in the future.

Her name is Pansy after Pansy Parkinson, as she is green on the outside but silver duct underneath. Many thanks to Cintyber who helped with the naming. Now I just need to plan some more sewing projects!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

That is brilliant!!

1/9/11 9:03 PM  

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