Sunday, August 05, 2007

Lots More Squares

Believe it or not I have been working on more afghan squares. I know I haven't been posting them very often, but it seemed like posting them in ones and twos might have been getting obnoxious. Here is a photo of the first batch blocking. (Yes, I know all about the fact that acrylic doesn't really block, but I was trying to follow directions.)

By the deadline I had finished 32 7" squares (not all shown here as they did not all fit on one yoga mat), but when I laid them out I decided that I really wanted the blanket to be larger. So although I have started seaming, I am thinking about at least 8 more squares.

Tunisian Knit Stitch (top left), Afghan Stitch (top center and right)
Amber Waves (middle left), Ribbed Dishcloth (middle center and right)
Maze Granny (bottom left), Cluster Flower (bottom center), 4-Stitch Cable (bottom right)

Four-Stitch Cable Afghan Square from Lesson 6
Hook:I/5.00 MM

Amber Waves from Lesson 8
Hook: G hook for rows 1-6 & 8, E hook for 7

Afghan Stitch Dish Cloth from Lesson 7
Hook: J/6.00 MM

Tunisian Knit Stitch Square from Lesson 7
Hook: J/6.00 MM

Cluster Flower from Lesson 8
Hook: I/5.00 MM

Maze Granny Square from Lesson 8
Hook: I/5.00 MM
Modifications: onlt up to round 5 & then sc row around

Robbed Dish Cloth from Lesson 5
Hook I/5.00 MM

Some people might notice that I omitted any color changes in Lesson 8, since I wanted a single color afghan. Despite that I really liked those squares, at least once I figured out how to do a cluster stitch.
My favorite part of this project has definitely been discovering new (to me) crochet techniques. In this last batch, the 2 most notable examples were the Tunisian crochet and the crocheted cables. I thought the Tunisian crochet was interesting, but I found that it tired out my wrist a lot faster than most crochet. And while the cables are sort of neat, I think I prefer the knitted variety.

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