Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hogwarts on the Brain

I have been working on a bunch of Hogwarts stuff this week. In HSS news, I did something that I have never done before. Completely ripped out 2 socks (toes-heel), reskeined the yarn, washed it, and then rewound it into balls. I have certainly ripped out knitting before, but never as many times as in this pair of socks. The socks have been restarted, but I am going to need to make up for lost time.

On the crochet front, I have gotten a bunch done on my blanket. I tried a bunch of different color strip sequences, but the one that I decided to go with for the Slytherin ripple blanket was a trapped bar style. Thanks for the input people gave for the grey color. I ended up with the medium grey rather than the light grey, simple because I was sure that I could get more. This is how far I got with one ball of the green.

Edit: Salvbard just picked me up more green, so I can get back to work on this. Yay!

Also I started a pair of sweet little baby socks. Too incredibly cute and tiny! I should have these finished tomorrow, and I will write more about them then.

In other Hogwarts news I stopped by Mind's Eye Yarns, and Lucy had freshly dyed House colors in her fabulous merino/tencel sock yarn. She said that she had listed them on her Etsy Shop as well. Of course I grabbed one in Slytherin. I love the depth of color in the green this colorway has. I will report back later with how the color repeat knits up.

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Blogger Bev and Ollie "O" said...

I wish I knew how to crochet, the colours are just lovely!

as for your question on the vanilla sugar.....

I always use my used vanilla pods. But I know some people just slice one open and put them in, I think for the best flavour you have to open up the pods, and but I'm sure storing whole ones in there would do no harm. do I make sense?

Thanks for taking a look at my blog x

28/9/07 11:02 AM  
Anonymous Robbyn said...

You afghan is looking great and the trapped bar design works wonderfully with the ripples!

Teeny socks are so much fun to make - it's really more like playing. They are so cute and adorable when they come off the needles, that I always want to run out immediately and find a baby to put them on!

29/9/07 10:23 AM  
Blogger Nicole said...

A striking combination!

7/10/07 1:15 PM  

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