Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What-ya-up-to Wednesday

I have been really suffering from a severe case of startisis. Hopefully with Salvbard returning from Europe this weekend, I will be able to get it under control soon. At the moment I have 3 knitting and 3 crochet projects that I am actively working on. That is crazy and totally unlike me! Here are the knitting ones:

I was reading over on Stoneview about her
new Swiffer pad that she knit
. Love it! I do own one for getting in areas that my Scooba can't reach, but the disposible pads make me cringe. These washable ones are such a good idea. I know I will be making the other pattern for the pads soon. All this one needs is a quick toss in the washing machine before I seam it up.

Also on the needles is a pair of Slytherin mittens. This pair is for myself, but I think I will be making a pair for one of my cousins, who is also an ardent Slytherin.

Finally I am working on the pair of socks for my Hogwarts Sock Swap pal. I have a bunch of the legs done, but I think I want to make them a little longer before starting the heel. I need to get a move on to finish these with plenty of time to mail them though.

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