Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Danke II Socks

I have now knit two pairs of socks from cotton/wool blend sock yarns, first the Danke socks and now the Danke II socks. I can't decide what I think about knitting them, but they do make good gifts I think. At the moment though I am wishing for wool socks for myself. Perhaps I should extend the same for those I care enough to knit for.

Yarn: ONline Supersocke 100 Cotton in Summer 787
Needle: US Size 1/2.25 mm
Pattern: Basic Sock Pattern by Ann Budd
Pattern Source: The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns

The problem with gift knitting in this season is the danger of it being mistaken for a winter holiday gift. Generally I prefer my handknit gifts to be random gifts. I just feel like they are more appreciated as a happy surprise. Which method of gifting do you prefer as a crafter?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those are fun stripes! I definitely prefer random gifting to holiday gifting. Holiday gifting has a deadline, and people might expect things, while random gifting shows up whenever it's finished, whenever you want. I just cast on and bound off a hat/beret for my mom just because I needed to knit it RIGHT NOW, and I'm going to give it to her tomorrow morning. No occasion necessary. ^_^

13/11/07 11:24 PM  
Anonymous Robbyn said...

I never even thought about when a handknit might be given.

For me it's to whom it should be given - only a few people I know will appreciate them.

And since those choice folks are always happy to receive something handmade, it doesn't matter when I give whatever it is to them :)

Very satisfactory!

14/11/07 8:45 AM  
Blogger Jessica Chapman said...

You seem to produce things so quickly! :))))) I love the hand-knitted socks! ...they are so lovely. I have a pair that came from target--so not the same. Maybe after the holidays we can do a hand-made swap... a custom tote bag with goodies for you and you can make me some socks :))))))

14/11/07 9:20 AM  

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