Saturday, November 10, 2007

Ravenclaw Baby Hat

Remember the Fetchings I finished up the other day? Well I was thinking of what to do with just the third of a skein of the Baby Cashmerino that was left over. Fortunately I had some more in another color, so I immediately thought of a stripy hat. (Each stripe was 9 rows wide other than the last stripe, and all the decreases were done there.) The holidays are just around the corner, so a few small gift projects are always a good idea.

Yarn: Baby Cashmerino in 203 and 340 (~1/3 of a skein of each)
Needles: US Size 8s/5.00 mm
Pattern: Ribbed Baby Hat by Lucy

I think the parents of the baby will be amused by the HP theme, but they are great colors anyways. As an added bonus it is gender neutral and could be saved for the next baby.

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