Thursday, November 22, 2007

Giving Thanks

Today was great. I had the company of people I love and the leisure to really enjoy their company. The past year has been a hard one for several personal reasons, but life is full of so much I have to be thankful for.

My daughter is such a joy to me, and this year we added my lovely neice Ms. L to the family. Despite the health concerns that my sister and I have had, we are both feel well for the most part and can enjoy our daughters.

I am grateful for the blogosphere. Blogging this year has been fun and has pushed me to expand my creative pursuits. Your feedback and comments are always appreciated and often educational and interesting. I love to visit your blogs and be inspired by your experiences and projects. Similarly Flickr has been a source of inspiration and a great way to get to know some of you who might not have blogs.

There has been a lots of talk on Ravelry about our thanks to Jess and Casey for its creation. I know that there are many still waiting to join so I will keep it short. I appreciate not only the really neat aspects that let you cross reference yarn and pattern in ways that have changed what I knit and crochet, but also the community it has created. The fiber community has always been a great one, but they have connected new people in ways that would not have been possible before in the same way.

So in total life is good and I am so happy to be able to enjoy it. I feel so fortunate. It has been a wonderful year, and thank you for all for being part of it.


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