Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Meeting in the Common Room

Today I had a package arrive from Faery Fiber. I had ordered during Tammy's grand opening (still going on, 20% off), and then cursed when she updated a few days later. (I love what I got, but the colors on the Voldemort colorway are great.) Also key to this story is that she is including stitch markers with purchase.

I originally "met" Tammy during the the first Hogwarts Sock Swap. Then she was in my house again for HSS2. Her color sense is amazing, and I am so glad that she decided to try having an etsy shop. Despite the great colors, the yarn wasn't what stood out to me most. It was the stitch markers and incredibly thoughtful note tucked inside the package. See, she took the time not only to write a sweet note thanking me for my purchase, but also to say that she recognized me as a Slytherin (from the swap) and so couldn't resist making sure my markers were in house colors. Thanks Tammy for making the fiber world seems like such a small, friendly place!



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