Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Slytherin blanket update

I have reached a small road block in the completion of the Slytherin blanket at just over 2" (61 cm). I ran out of silver yarn right before the next broad green stripe. Chiquita has already used what has been done so far today though, as she came home sick from school, and was found snuggled up underneath it on the couch.

The grey/silver is just Red Heart Super Saver in Grey Heather. Unfortunately I can't find more anywhere. With any luck Salvbard will be able to get me more at the Michael's near his work, but in the meantime I am stuck. I guess that means it is a good time to work on something else.

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Blogger pigbook1 said...

If he doesn't find it, I can look around me. Let me know

4/12/07 5:19 PM  
Blogger Julie said...

It looks fabulous so far. I hope the yarn can be found somewhere!

5/12/07 7:09 AM  
Anonymous Robbyn said...

What pigbook1 said - Let me know if you can't find your color locally and I'll have a look around my area. That's a wonderful blanket and we don't want it languishing :)

5/12/07 10:11 AM  

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