Saturday, November 24, 2007

Travel Projects

The best thing about the holidays is all that time spent sitting around chatting. I am lucky enough to be surrounded by people who don't mind if I knit while I talk (though it helps that for a simple sock I don't need to look at it).

I did end up casting on a new sock, and it is progressing nicely. The other project that I brought with me, though, was my Slytherin blanket. Wouldn't it figure that somewhere between bringing our bags downstairs to the car on Thursday and actually arriving at Thanksgiving dinner that I lost the hook? That was the only thing that got me into a retail establishment on Black Friday, which I otherwise avoid like the plague. (No offense to those deal-hunters out there, I just really don't like that many people in one place.)

That brief shopping trip meant that I could crochet today while Chiquita worked on her annual Christmas ornaments with my sister. Part of me feels guilty for not bringing the Sampler blanket, which is much closer to being done, but the simple ripple pattern needs no instructions, which makes it quite desirable as a traveling project. I even re-discovered the ability to do something (in this case crochet) while having a baby sleep on you. Soon it will be too big to carry around though.

Travel projects, for me, should be small and mindless. I know Elizabeth Zimmerman used to recommend shawls for travel knitting due to to the amount of knitting time you can get out of one project, though. Socks are usually my happy medium between to these two ideas in knitting, but I haven't figured what my ideal travel crochet project is yet. What are your favorite travel projects, and what type of craft are they?

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Blogger Jill said...

Like you, I like socks for travel projects. It's something small and I don't have to worry about juggling multiple balls of yarn.

I have a weird crochet technique so I don't travel with crochet because I can't pick it up and put it down quickly enough.

25/11/07 10:02 AM  
Blogger Marigold said...

Me too. Socks are great, because they're small, very portable, and usually they last me thru the entire trip.

25/11/07 8:13 PM  

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