Monday, November 26, 2007

One Red Mitten

One, one red mitten, hahaha.

I know that this is a season when a lot of people are starting to go a little crazy with their holiday crafting, but I have decided to add an extra project or three.

Pam of Lick My Sticks has teamed up with Christmas in the City (an all-volunteer organization that helps the homeless families of Boston) to collect hand knits (or crochets) for the children living in homeless shelters in Boston, MA. She is going to drive the donations to Christmas in the City a day or two before Christmas for them to distribute among the Boston-area shelters to Children who are most likely looking at a gift-less Christmas.

You can read more about this project on this post. You hear a lot about projects to send warm items to children in all different parts of the world, but this idea of helping those a lot closer to home is dear to my heart. So maybe if you have a little bit of time, maybe you could think about adding one small project to your holiday crafting list too.


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