Wednesday, April 16, 2008

WIPping through Wednesday

It occurs to me that although I have been posting, I have not exactly been verbose recently. Sorry about that. Life has been pretty crazy with research type stuff, and I haven't had much energy to do more than post photos with links and lists of modifications. Things are not so bad that I don't have time to craft, especially since a lot of that time is carved out of "wasted" time (such as on the bus, waiting for school dismissal, or standing in line).

For better or worse that sort of stolen crafting time really is best suited to knitting, and as a result my other crafts have suffered a bit. I would like to say that they will return this summer, but I guess that will depend on the progress of my thesis.

What is on the needles you ask? Well, three projects off and on, but only one of them to any significant degree. The bulky sweater is too cumbersome to travel with me for the most part, and the Latvian child's mitten is too complex if I don't have time to sit with it.

The remaining project is a simple pair of socks made from the leftover Tofutsies from the Reversai. Unfortunately this picture completely lies about the progress on them though. Not long after the half-way decent light went away for the evening I discovered that they were to small for Chiquita, the intended recipient, so they have been ripped out and started again. C'est la vie. Good thing I just find the knitting soothing.



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