Thursday, April 03, 2008

Blueberry Skirt

I am going to start of with the fact that although my sister is an amazing quilter and seamstress, sewing has never been my forte. I have played with it off and on, and I have done several projects with guidance. So this project was a major first for me.

At the Fabric Corner the other day, my favorite nearby source for buttons, I saw this lovely fabric by the cutting counter/register. It has blueberries of varying degrees of ripeness, leaves and bell-like blueberry flowers. Cute, but I don't do enough sewing to get more fabric.

Chiquita, who was with me, happened to look at it too and asked, "Mom, could you make me a long skirt out of that?" Well let's see. I have never made a garment ever. I hadn't used my new sewing machine at all, even to test tension. So sure!

Pattern: McCall's 2129
Fabric: Robert Kaufman "Fruit Basket" Blueberries on Ivory
Fabric Supplier: the Fabric Corner

You knew there had to be some right? I made the size 4, which gave me 3 inches in the hem. As I hope to let this skirt out as she grows this was important. (Note for later curiosity: length = 27") I completely changed the shape/size of the darts as Chiquita does not yet have a need for the same hourglass shaping to account for hips. Also I plan on adding a hook and eye at the top of the zipper.



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