Monday, May 05, 2008

Community Art Show

Warning: photo-heavy post ahead. Recently Chiquita's school held their annual community art show. Every year I am completely blown away by the talent of all the kids, parents, and staff at this school. This year was no exception.

There was a surprising amount of work in clay, which I thought was really cool. I loved that there was so many pieces at all different levels of experience. This little dragon in particular I thought was super spunky.

And this snake was really neat too. I'm sorry that this photo doesn't show the texture better, because it was such an interesting combination of smoothness with minor dimpling mimicking the scales.

There were wonderful paintings in acrylic, like this incredibly peaceful one:

And more in watercolor, like this quirky iguana:

There were several paper sculptures made from origami, like this beach scene:

They didn't stop on the small scale though. This model of the titanic, made mostly of paper with some plastic and wood, was over 4" long.

There was even some collage work, like these two images of tulips made entirely from greeting cards. What a great idea of how to use these!

I saw more fabric work than last year, perhaps because of the popularity of Laura's Sewing School. I saw a few mini quilts in addition to Chiquita's blueberry skirt that we submitted to the show.

I think my project next year will be knit or crocheted though. There were not many pieces of these types. The major exception was this whimsical crocheted trout by the local artist, Mara Bradford that I absolutely love. Free-form crochet is so amazing.

Every year I walk away from this event feeling super inspired, and it so cool for the kids to see art valued this way. I am full of ideas I want to try and things I want to make now.

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Blogger CURU said...

It's nice to see them emphasize and get kids involved with the arts so much. I shudder when I hear of school systems removing art programs.

5/5/08 11:22 PM  

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