Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Patriots Day & SM2 Round 4

Monday morning we got our Round 4 pattern for Sock Madness. I started the ribbing, and then Chiquita and I headed out to enjoy the Monday off. When we got off the bus to go to the post-office and looked both ways to cross the street, we saw something completely unexpected.

It was a man on a horse shouting that the British were coming!

Since Chiquita is home on school break, I am afraid my progress on the socks has been stop and go. We have been just doing a lot of stuff, and even with squeezing in more day-light knitting hours than I usually do I have spent a lot of time simply not knitting.

Here is my progress as of lunch time today. Chiquita announced that I should "KNIT KNIT KNIT!" after lunch. She even gave me a little foam sticker mascot to help me knit. (See him on my hand? He is even color coordinated.)

My grandmother alway told me as a child that my hands were my best feature. As such I find this an amusing self-portrait. (Love ya grandma! And thanks Chiquita for taking the photo.)

I am knitting these in some stashed Patons Kroy Socks in an eye-searing color that is ironically named "mellow yellow". I don't have a lot of solids in my stash though, and of them it was both light enough to over-dye and a color I didn't mind sacrificing.

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