Sunday, August 17, 2008

Random HP Crafting

Okay, this is my last Terminus post, so thanks for everyone's patience with my self-indulgence.

I was really impressed by how many people in the HP fandom are crafty in one way or another. I saw so many great costumes, met wonderful people at crafty meet-ups, and attended a whole lot of different crafty workshops. One that filled up before I got there though was a HP-themed Christmas ornament workshop. I did sneak in to get some pictures of the tree in there for later inspiration though.
(Click on the photo to make it bigger.) How cool is that seriously? Now I sort of want to have a Harry Potter themed holiday ornament swap!

I was also really amused that in the final speeches at the Farewell Breakfast, that one of the speakers mentioned a thank you for keeping the crafty mess in the Room of Requirements to just one table. This is that table:

I loved the fact that people would just sit down and start making something crafty in there if they had time between other programming or events. It was also a great ice-breaker to meet new people. One attendee said to me that even though she was a sophomore in college she still loved to craft and color. I ask you, who doesn't?



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