Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Hanging out with the Knitters

Sunday I headed out to brunch with some of the Ravelers. (If you are in the Boston area and interested in this sort of event, let me know. You certainly do not have to be a Raveler to attend.)

We hit Athans in Brookline, which I had never been to before. The food was excellent and very reasonably priced. Suzanne even ended up giving a bunch of info to random knitter (sans project) who was interested as she only knits at home alone. Sadness! I think that is part (though certainly not all) of why I love knitting so much. The community is amazing.

Then yesterday at the Lazy Red Liners SnB there was a yarn swap. I got rid of a few things and gained a few things. I am not sure that it was a net destash, but I am happier with the yarn that I have.

The first part of the swap was a "please take this stuff, I want nothing in return" portion. This is when most of my yarn swapping occured.At the end of the evening here is what was left that had no homes and was ultimately donated to charity. Interestingly mohair was very well represented. Then there was a "here's what I have, would you be interested in swapping" section. There was some great yarns. And it was a chance to "meet" some yarns that I had never met in person before. (Photo cropped to remove the faces of the perhaps not so innocent) I got some blue solid Regia for the boy from Susan, that he was interested in when I got home. So all in all, I report the swap to have been a success.


Blogger Jessica Chapman said...

SO COOL... wish I could have attended :)))))))) Too bad i'm SOOO far away!

7/8/07 10:57 AM  
Blogger Catherine said...

ah, a picture is worth a thousand words!

7/8/07 5:58 PM  

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