Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Yarn in PPT

I am insanely busy this week, but I am taking a quick moment to share a funny example from a powerpoint that I am typing up for a professor.

A Problem
A bundle of yarn (skein) is introduced in a cylinder containing water. In spite of the fact that the density of the yarn is 1.3 g/cm^3, the yarn does not sink. As a matter of fact it wants to float and is held down by a hook at the bottom of a graduated cylinder (left picture). However, after an amount of a certain substance is dissolved in the water the skein sinks (right picture)

Explain Why the yarn does not sink?
How the introduced substance achieves the sinking?


Blogger Marigold said...

air bubbles? added a surfacant? That's an interesting example...

12/8/07 10:26 PM  
Blogger CynCyn said...

you must be kidding. substance is soap or conditioner? yarn does not sink b/c it is anti-blocking. ha ha.

14/8/07 12:01 AM  

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