Sunday, October 19, 2008

YarnHarlot visits Cambridge

Wednesday Chiquita and I wandered over to Porter Square to see the YarnHarlot. I would totally share pictures, but all the ones that either of us took came out simply terrible. Feel free to see the YarnHarlot's blog entry on the event to see the crowd though.

Chiquita specifically asked if she could come with me and carefully chose the project she wanted to bring. As usual Stephanie was wonderful, though Chiquita felt about done towards the end. This was the first Common Cod event that I have been able to go to, but it was a smidgen late for me to bring the little one too on a school night.


Blogger Jessica C said...

Oh! AWESOME! Love her books. I've devoured them. :) One of them, I won on your blog! :)

24/10/08 10:34 PM  

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