Saturday, August 25, 2007

Nova Scotia

And we're back! I had a great time while we were up north, and if you will humor me, I will post a few of my favorite photos of the trip.

Early Sunday morning we caught the CAT ferry from Portland, ME to Yarmouth, NS. I had forgotten how much I love summer sunrises; given the opportunity I usually will sleep in. On the boat, I was amused to spot another knitter nearby.

She and I ended up chatting and bemoaning the bane which is gauge, both in knitting and crochet. During the ferry ride and subsequent driving around, I turned the heel on my pair of socks-in-progress, only to discover that I had not increased the gusset fast enough. Disaster! Net progress for the day turned out to be negative.

But the scenery was beautiful.

And we had some great seafood at a little local restaurant in Yarmouth. That night after we arrived at our hostel, Salvard and I both had to stop to admire all the stars. Such a sky is not to be seen anywhere near the city of course, but not even in the suburbs have I seen anything like it.

The hostel we stayed at was very small and a bit hard to find in the dark, but incredibly peaceful. There was a stream right behind the cabin that bubbled away, and apparently the pond was full of frogs. I got to spend a little time that morning just knitting and drinking in the scenery before we moved out again. (Salvbard is working on a panorama from there; hopefully he will post it soon.)

Monday we headed to Wentworth. The hostel there is a beautiful old farm house and was just incredibly comfortable. It turns out that Wentworth was one of our favorite hostels that we stayed in. Not only was it in a beautiful area, but we pretty much had the hostel and the trails to ourselves. The staff told us that their busy season is the winter since they are near a ski slope, but they are a wonderful summer destination as well.

We were told there was a blueberry festival going on, but the website was down, and nobody seemed sure where we should go to find it.

So instead we headed out to the trails behind the hostel for a bit of a hike. There we were amused to find some wild blueberries of our own, as well as a large number of blackberries. We also met a very friendly dog who joined us for a bit. I saw him nosing about in the low foliage, but I have to admit that I was more than a little surprised to find that he liked to eat the blueberries too!

Note my new Go Knit pouch from The Knitting Room in the lower corner. It is just as great for vacation knitting as bus/subway knitting! The socks of course has followed everywhere I have gone. I am not quite back to the point where I had to rip out from, but I should be starting the heels soon.

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