Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Angel Booties

Sorry that I have been posting so little. Things were more than a little hectic around here, but I have a couple things that I want to talk about in the next few days, so you can expect several posts soon.

PS. By the way I have reviewed several questioning comments about the last post both on the blog and by other means. The simple answer is surfactant. The more complicated answer talks about the change in the angle of wetting resulting from the addition (ie adding "some" surfactant may not be enough).

I already had the pink angora ribbed hat for my sister's baby shower, but there was more than half a ball left of the Cloud 9 sitting in my stash. What is an aunt to do? In this case, a set of soft fluffy baby booties. Some of you locals may remember these from not the past Monday night Lazy Red Liner meet-up, but the one before. Sadly they just sad around needing to be kitchenered. And I love to kitchener, so the only thing lacking was time!

Yarn: Cascade Cloud 9
Fiber: 50% merino 50% angora
Supplier: Mind's Eye Yarns
Pattern: Angel Booties (pdf) by Stoneview

These are absolutely perfect. They are so... fluffy... and pink. Not something I would normally think I would enjoy quite so much, but I totally do! My only minor complaint about the pattern is that it suggests you knit "to desired length" although the pattern is specifically for a 6 month to 1 year old. Since it had been a while for me, I had no idea how long this should be. Fortunately there is a handy site here with common foot lengths for different ages (scroll down past the head circumferences).

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