Thursday, August 30, 2007

Sunshine Tank and Pants Set

A while ago, at a previous Lazy Red Liner meet-up I had picked up some Cotton Classic in bright yellow and orange. A little of the yellow had been used, but for the most part they were both full skeins. Having been donated to the "take me please" portion of the show, I thought that it would make good baby gear.

Pattern: Camoflauge Tank Top and Pants Set
Yarn: Tahki Cotton Classic
Supplier: a Lazy Red Line Raveler at a recent Stash Swap
Needles: US Size 5s
Hook: F/4.00 MM
Modifications: I worked the pants entirely in the round and the top as far as I could in the round as well. I slipped all first side stitches on the straps, and added a row of single crochet.

This would have been an excellent stash buster had I actually been knitting stash rather than "new" yarn. Used yarn was 24.3 g of yellow/1.6g orange for top and 9.8 g yellow/48.0 g orange for pants.

I absolutely love the colors. They almost seem over-saturated in life, and they can't help but make me smile. The colors made Chiquita think of pumpkins and leaves. (Is someone ready for autumn?) But to me, these immediately made me think of sunshine. They seem so fun and carefree.

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