Tuesday, August 28, 2007

KIP Baby Items

Whew! I am still recovering from vacation (and digging myself out from under the laundry), but hopefully I will get the rest of my favorite vacation photos up tomorrow. In the meantime I have also been trying to enjoy the beautiful weather. Yesterday was so nice, I couldn't resist joining the Ravelers on the Cambridge Common for a little outdoor knitting.

We met an overly friendly squirrel, who appeared to have no fear at all. He walked right up to us! I got some work done on some baby items while I was there.

The first item I finished up was a baby raglan for my niece. Please do not mind the modifications to the finishing. I thought I would have enough for a hood, but it turns out that I did not. Some quick crochet to keep it from rolling and a little more crochet to whip up a soft cotton face-cloth, and I managed to use up the whole single skein.

Pattern: Mind's Eye Baby Raglan
Yarn: Katia Jamaica - color 4000
Supplier: Mind's Eye Yarns
Needles: US Size 5s

For the most part though, I worked on a pair of preemie pants. My sister's mother-in-law asked if I could make some preemie clothes for a coworker of hers. This seemed like a great chance to knit up some of the single skeins or unloved yarns I have at the same time.

Pattern: Camoflauge Tank Top and Pants Set
Yarn: Cascade Pima Melange - color C298
Supplier: WEBS
Needles: US Size 6s & 8s
Modifications: Since I am used a light worsted yarn instead of a sports weight, I only cast on 38 sts per leg. Then I worked the pattern entirely in the round.

I only had the one 50 g ball of this, (why?!) so I am thrilled that this pattern used it all in one go. Perfect! The tie had to be made from some leftovers of a different yarn since I used all I had on the pants themselves.

I absolutely love this pattern (and have started a second pair), and it is one that I would have probably only have run across on with the help of Ravelry. The ability to search across many websites for free patterns have completely revolutionized how I look for patterns that I might like.

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Those look great! I love the pants, too cute. :)

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