Saturday, August 30, 2008

Molly Weasley Socks

I did mention that I had knit two pairs of socks at Terminus. My second pair is totally in honor of Molly Weasley. I had picked up this yarn at the Webs tent sale, and at the time I remember someone mentioning that they were the same colors as a '70s living room. Perhaps, but it was also something I could totally see Molly Weasley wearing!

After I finished my resoleable socks, I got to thinking that even though they were fairly tall, I still had a ton of yarn left over. Now I really do accept the fact that I am not unduly endowed with height, but for the first time this has come to my advantage! With my small feet, short legs, and modest calves I figured I just might be able to squeeze out a pair of knee highs if I used a coordinating yarn for the heels and toes. And indeed it is possible, though I only had a few yards left in the end.

Yarn: Austermann Step in color 0025 & Jawoll Superwash Solid in 83.0067
Yarn Suppliers: Webs and Knitting Treasures
Needles: US 1s / 2.25 mm
Pattern: cuff down, 72 st cast on/64 st after calf, and heel flap heel

I am so pleased with these. I wore them all day today, and they really stay up. Plus I think they will be perfect for extending my skirt wearing season through the fall and then wearing as an extra layer of wooly warmth in the winter.

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